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Gaming Mouse Guide

Jul 24 2015 09:37 am | Slammin in Gaming Guides

Found a great guide which I thought I'd share with you all. Worth a read if you're considering buying a new mouse....

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How to join our ARMA 3 Epoch servers (Updated)...

Feb 08 2015 12:34 pm | Guest in GR Servers

A quick post explaining the easiest methods you guy's can join our Chernarus or Stratis server... Chernarus Mod's Needed: All In ARMA Terrain Pack 1.4.1 and Epoch IP: TS: Stratis Mod's Needed: Epoch

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PlaywithSix GR public Collection

Jan 27 2015 03:44 am | Guest in GR Servers

I quickly bashed together a public collection for anyone that uses PW6. I even nabbed the GR logo from the website so it looks all official :thumbsup: Web Link https://play.withsix...EPOCH-Cherno-GR Client Magnet (paste into browser) pws://?c=mfydX-...

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@Mas Is Live!

Jan 26 2015 12:24 am | Mister Munkie in GR Servers

@MAS 1.6 ADDED TO THE SERVER I have created a torrent on my server as the armaholic is painfully slow! The Loot table is a first draft, please pass on feedback here: http://www.gamingrepublic.co.uk/index.php?/topic/1787-feedback-cherno/ Thanks all!...

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DayZ Commander

Sep 05 2014 03:47 am | Guest in GR Servers

Everyone, It looks like DayZ Commander finally updated there master server list. To ensure you dont have any "favorites" bugs or server names look grey to you, follow the steps below and you will now see fresh list. Shutdown Commander... Locate - C:...

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We now have a US Server!

Aug 27 2014 08:58 pm | AdZVaughan in GR Servers

So for all our American community we now have a server on the West Coast of America being run by steamRoller. He will be head admin for this server so we welcome him to the GR community. The server is running OverPoch Cherno with all your usual GR scr...

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Event: Top Gun - 08/08/14 @ 21:00 GMT+1

Aug 05 2014 07:35 pm | AdZVaughan in GR Servers

I feel the need, the need for speed!

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Server #1 Update & Downtime

Jul 01 2014 06:41 pm | AdZVaughan in GR Servers

Chernarus OverPoch Server #1 will go down tonight for 30-60 minutes. I will be updating the server to ARMA Patch 12555 and also Epoch, please make sure you upgrade these to play on the server. All gear etc will not be affected.

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Kicked from game with BE Update problems

Jun 28 2014 02:11 pm | spiros in GR Servers

Hi everyone, If you're getting kicked with BattleEye Update problems and keep seeing "Could not connect to BE Master 14:58:56 | Update attempt failed" then you have some file permissions issues on your profile and need to take the following steps: 1...

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TopGump Overpoch Event - 13/06/14 21:00GMT+1

Jun 12 2014 09:19 am | AdZVaughan in GR Servers

Welcome to the GR's first TopGump Event. Date: 13/06/2014 Time: 21:00 GMT+1 Location: Secret Airfield Event Details: Participants will be asked to leave all gear in base before the event. Any gear lost will not be refunded nor will any humanity ga...

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